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dryer vent cleaning carson city

Dryer Vent Cleaning

Our process is unique to just a few companies; we use it because it works.

Before beginning, we inspect the entire dryer vent system from behind the dryer to the exit point.

In addition, we make a minimum of two full passes through the dryer exhaust system with our rotary brush truck-mounted system. 

The goal is to fully clean your dryer vent system; ridding it of any debris or obstacles that have accumulated over time.

Cleanliness is guaranteed.

Call today to book your affordable dryer vent cleaning with Ameriducts.



Clothes taking more than one cycle to dry  1….2….3… Now who has time for that?!

The top of the dryer is hot to the touch 

Your clothes are still damp and smell moldy. Yuck!

Water is visible around or behind the dryer

A foul odor when opening the dryer door – A birds nest can be in the vent line. That is not good, potential for a fire in your dryer.

If any of these symptoms are occurring, don’t hesitate pick up the phone and call us today 775-309-7596

Your Safety, is our #1 Priority.

As a matter of fact, there are many reasons to clean your dryer vents with being the most important: 

Dryer fires:

Which are a leading cause of household fires and are on the increase. Main cause of these fires is the build-up of lint in the dryer vent line which causes the ignition.

Birds nest:

Can also cause a nasty surprise for homeowners by not only clogging the vent but preventing the moisture from the dryer to escape. 

If you notice any bad odors from the dryer, there is a good chance a bird(s) has taken residence in your dryer line.  We will take care of the birds nest removal process for you and install a bird guard for you. 

To sum it up, be fire safe & get your dryer vent cleaned affordably & annually by Ameriducts. 

Save Money

Most homeowners see up to a $30 reduction on their energy bill after having their dryer vents properly cleaned. That is a $360 savings in a year! 

When your vent is cleaned, you’ll enjoy faster and more efficient drying times.  Save the cost of having an unexpected repair call, by ensuring the maintenance of your dryer vent. 

Again, we recommend having your dryer vent professionally cleaned on an annual basis.  After all a clean vent increases the airflow and allows the dryer to work more efficiently. 

Conclude, by calling Ameriducts for your annual cleaning, you will end up saving your self time + money upon completion of the very first dryer cycle!





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